Power Outages

As the winter wind doth blow, so too inevitable power outages on the BC coast. If you do not have a back-up source of power for your UV system, it is always good practice to refrain from using your taps (the residual pressure in your water system pressure tank), when there is no power. This … Read more

Become a Rain Gardener

On B.C.’s Gulf Islands and in many other rural areas, increased housing developments are creating additional pressures on well water quantity and quality. There is a growing consciousnessof how we care for the surface areas of our properties has a direct impact on groundwater quality. There are regulations in place for restricting pollutants, septic system … Read more

Get Cash Rebates for water cisterns, septic upgrades and more!

The Regional District of Nanaimo is one of the most conservation-minded, progressive, local governments in Canada. Check their site regularly, as most years they offer a wealth of rebates and incentives for homeowners to reduce costs and their environmental footprint. Septic system rebates, water sampling and testing, well protection, rainwater collection cisterns, etc. Check out … Read more

Our efforts to reduce environmental impacts

At Aquality Service, we recover customers’ germicidal UV (mercury) lamps, and e-waste and take them to GIRO, our local recycling centre, for safe-recycling through BC Product Stewardship Program. We also encourage the use of longer-lasting better quality filters and treatment systems to reduce landfill waste. We recycle all our shipping cardboard and packing materials and … Read more