Disinfect with chlorine when necessary

Sometimes your well and water distribution system (i.e. the pipes, pumps, cisterns and treatment equipment, etc.) may need to be disinfected or even “shock chlorinated”. Some sources recommend disinfecting your well once per year. Cisterns should be regularly cleaned and inspected. For example, it is advisable to disinfect your distribution system in the following cases:

  • After a power outage ‑ If you collect rainwater or have any past reasons (e.g. unsafe water test results), or current suspicions that your raw water may not be safe. During power outages, many of us still draw some water into our lines under residual pressure in our pressure tanks. Your UV system will not have sterilized that raw water. If you choose not to shock chlorinate, at the very, very least, flush all your household taps by running water for several minutes as soon as the power is back on (“all taps” includes dishwashers, toilets, showers, washing machine, garden taps etc.).
  • If you’ve been away for several weeks or months and there have been power outages and/or no one has used your water at all. Again, disinfection is especially important if you have any reason or suspicion that your raw water source could be unsafe.

If you’ve had any new plumbing work done/equipment installed.