Staying aware of your treatment equipment

Don’t be too lackadaisical about monitoring your water treatment equipment . . .

Sometimes we get calls from customers who accidentally notice their UV system is out of order, in alarm, or the filters haven’t been changed for eons, or the softener hasn’t had salt added for a year (so that’s why there’s iron staining on the new sinks!).

While we carefully database and notify all our customers about when their UV lamps are due or other major service is required (e.g. sleeve cleaning, filter changes), it is important for customers to take some ownership over the safety of their own water, and set-up a system of regular periodic checks of their water treatment system.

TIP: Put it on the calendar every month to check on things. (This is especially important if your treatment equipment is in an outbuilding or tucked into a corner of your crawlspace, garage or basement.) If a power outage occurs, write yourself a note to check, when the power comes back on, that UV and other treatment equipment has restarted and is functioning normally.