How to Maintain a Pure Water Supply

Living in a rural area has lots of appeal for many homeowners — typically larger lot sizes, options for outbuildings, the ability to start a hobby farm and of course, the peace and quiet of being outside of the city. Living outside of the city limits or on a smaller island like Gabriola Island also often means having an independent water supply. Having an independent water source like a well or rainwater catchment can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. With a bit of knowledge and guidance from our team of professional technicians at Aquality Water Service, you’ll enjoy pure, fresh water for many years to come.

Care for Your Water Supply

When you’re using your own well, or a well shared with neighbours, it’s important to keep all UV and filtering systems well maintained. Because potentially harmful pathogens and heavy metals cannot be seen with the naked eye, most health authorities recommend having it tested regularly, even if your water is clear. Proper filtration and UV systems will ensure that contaminants stay out of your home’s water supply.

Have the water sampled every 3-5 years for bacteria and minerals/chemicals if you have a UV system. If you don’t have a UV system (yet) it’s a good idea to have the water sampled annually since groundwater quality can change quickly. Better yet, give us a call. We carry the world’s leading brands of water treatment systems for residential, commercial and agricultural properties.
With over two decades of experience and a professionally trained, certified team of technicians, we have the ideal solution for you.

Common Causes of Water Contamination

The best way to prevent contamination is to ensure your well is drilled or dug by a certified professional. They’ll ensure the well is set away from any potential environmental hazards, following all guidelines for safe well development and usage.

Some common reasons wells can become contaminated:

  • An improperly sealed well cap and / or liner and holes or cracks in the materials. This allows contaminants to seep in.
  • A well casing that’s set too low and /or set in an area that’s prone to flooding. Rainwater can seep into the casing and into the well itself, bringing contaminants and agricultural run-off with it.
  • A well that’s located too close to a potential source of contamination. Grazing livestock and a septic tank / field are two common sources of well contamination.
  • Microbes in the water. These can only be found by sampling (testing) the water with an accredited lab. These tests can determine whether there are strains of potentially harmful microbes such as E. Coli in your well water. If you suspect that your water isn’t as clean as it should be, we can have your water tested quickly and easily.
  • Periods of heavy rainfall and snowfall that cause turbidity (sediment becoming stirred up).
  • The pump and distribution system are malfunctioning

Preventing Issues with Water Quality

If your well has been properly drilled by a professional, is structurally sound and has a sanitary well cap, you’ve checked three very important boxes. The next step is choosing a high-quality water treatment system to ensure a constant supply of fresh, clean water.   

Even if you have taken every precaution with your well, it’s important to treat the water coming into your home or business. Because neighbouring wells generally connect to the same aquifer, you can never guarantee that the water coming into your home is as consistently clean as it should be. 

For this reason, it’s very important to have a top-quality water treatment system installed. Based on the water results, we can design a water system that is specific to your water source . This ensures a fresh, healthy water supply for your family that’s free of odour and any nasty surprises.

What Type of Water Treatment System Do I Need?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the correct water system. Which sterilization and filtration systems will work best for your water supply depends on several factors:

  • Presence of iron / amount of iron
  • Hardness of water
  • Presence / amount of Manganese
  • pH levels
  • Presence / amount of other minerals
  • Presence of Arsenic
  • UVT (UV Transmittance)

Whether you have a well or a rainwater catchment system, Aquality Water Service provides professional service and top-quality water treatment products. We supply and install leading brands and proudly serve Gabriola Island and Vancouver Island residents. Contact us for the ideal solution for your new water treatment system.