Water Treatment Options

UV Treatment Systems and More

The quality of your water is so important. At Aquality Water Service, we’ve perfected the art of small water systems. Our technicians are professionally trained and EOCP (Environmental Operators Certification Program) certified and have over two decades of combined experience. 

We’re constantly researching and learning about the newest innovations in water treatment, to bring you the very best filtration and sterilization systems for your independent water supply.  Using the results from your water sampling, we can determine what equipment you’ll need for the freshest, safest water that’s specific to your water source. 

We install and supply premier water treatment equipment from leading brands such as Pentek and Viqua for whole house and single tap systems. Once installed, we’ll schedule regular maintenance for your equipment or we can deliver replacement lamps, filters and parts at pricing comparable to hardware stores. The quality of your water will be one less thing to think about! 

Water Treatment Products We Provide:

  • Carbon Filters
  • Chlorination
  • Reverse Osmosis Filters
  • Iron Filters
  • Sediment Filters
  • UV Sterilizers
  • Sulphur Filters
  • Water Softeners
  • PH Balancing Treatment
  • Mineral Filters
  • Taste/Odor Filtration

UV Filters – Up to 99% Effective

UV filters are a cost-effective and essential part of any home or business that relies on rainwater collection, wells, or water supplies drawn from lakes or rivers. Many homeowners also prefer to use UV systems for their municipal water supplies as well. 

In the past, water was treated with chemicals, but these have been found to create more problems than they solve. The use of chemicals in fresh water can create harmful byproducts that stick around in the water supply and build up over time.  

UV treatment is a very simple, low-maintenance process. Today’s UV systems are cost-effective and completely chemical free. Water flows into a stainless steel chamber (reactor) and is purified by UV light provided at a specific dosage. The UV light essentially destroys the pathogens, leaving purified water behind. The UV dosage is determined by the strength of UV transmittance and the contact time required to properly dose the desired water flow. 

As water treatment specialists, we provide systems that are suited for many different dose requirements, depending on the pathogens in your water, flow rate, levels of chemicals and minerals and more. While all UV systems will be slightly different in appearance, with options for sensors and solenoid valves, they are all made up of these four main components:

Reactor chamber

The chamber or reactor is typically constructed of stainless steel and contains the UV lamp and quartz sleeve. It also works to control the water flow rate.

UV Lamp

The UV lamp produces UV-C light with the help of a tiny drop of mercury contained within the lamp that creates electric currents. UV-C light is germicidal and can kill up to 99% of organisms in the water. Isn’t mercury harmful, you ask? Actually, the amount of mercury inside the lamp is so minute that it doesn’t pose a safety hazard or prevent the lamp from being recycled. Instead, it’s just enough to allow the UV light to produce that all-important UV-C.

Quartz Sleeve

The quartz sleeve is a hardened tube that is designed to protect the UV lamp. The light goes through this clear tube into the water. Because it can become stained and cloudy over time, it’s important to clean the quartz tube with every lamp change. If light isn’t able to shine effectively through the quartz tube, this will reduce the level of UV-C light, making your UV system less effective.

Controller Unit

The controller unit is the power supply for the lamp. The controller unit can vary from simple to more complex, with timers, indicator lights and other features to let you know whether your UV system is working effectively. The lamp change timers can be very useful for people who may have a hard time remembering when to replace the lamp and clean the quartz sleeve.

If you’re having trouble with hard water, turbidity, poor taste or odour in your water, Aquality Water Service has the ideal solution for you. Serving Vancouver Island and Gabriola Island (located within the Regional District of Nanaimo), contact us today for more information on top-quality water systems and accessories.